Frank Munoz spanish heavyweight kickboxer fighting out of lengendary Chakuriki Amsterdam, trained by Sensay Thom Harinck.
Frank Munoz started train kickboxing in Barcelona, at year 2005 at gym Esportrogent, with former fullcontact champion Xavi Moya
Xavi Moya
after a impressive record of victories in Spain, at year 2008 Munoz decided to get a higher level and follow he's dream, and moved to live in Holland Amsterdam the world kickboxing capital, there began train at prestigious Vos Gym, with muaythai former champion Ivan Hippolyte, in Vos Gym Munoz had like a team mates k-1 champion Remy Bonjasky, a former Pride and Ufc fighter 
Remy Bonjasky
Mirko Crocop Filipovic
, or Gilbert Yvel, after started like a B class in Vos Gym, at 2010 Munoz moved to legendary Chakuriki Gym Amsterdam, under the guide of pioneer of kickboxing in Holland and living legend Sensay Thom Harinck, with great team mates like legend Peter Aerts, french sensation Jerome Lebanner, and Hesdy Gerges, and Brazilian Braddock Silva
Jerome Lebanner
Munoz became a world class fighter facing top fighters as french Brice Guidon (La reunion island) or world best muaythai fighter 95 kgs Australian's Nathan Corbett"Carnage" (Queensland).
Spain's muaythai belt in Menorca
Munoz won Spain's muaythai belt in Menorca Island, as well the prestigious Amsterdam Fight Club Tournament with fighters like Thiago Martina or Henrick Zowa, after only one week Munoz fought in Madrid and won the gold medal at the Spanish's Olympics boxing championships, winning 4 matches in 5 days also become contender for fight in the Olympics games of London 2012. 
December 22 of 2010 Munoz made he's It's Show Time debut with only a few hours noticed about the fight with prospect Ricco Verhoeven, Munoz lost on points but gained the respect of the kickboxing community to step in without time to prepare the fight due a snow storm in Amsterdam. 
January 2011 Munoz was selected by joined the muaythai reality show enfusion at 95 kgs max division, Munoz won his fights against Armenian's Shak Parapyan and Belgium Marc Vlieger and got qualified for the final4 in Prague 30-12-2011 to fight veteran Wendell Roche
Wendell Roche
Munoz beated Wendell Roche on points and went throw the bog final of Enfusion 2011 against Czech super talent Ondra Hutnick  in the final Munoz lost on points after a controversial fight due to some irregular actions by Hutnick.